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External Auditing

All our audit engagements are approached in a productive and efficient manner to ensure the optimum result for the client in terms of meeting their various obligations for the audit financial statements.


We believe that an audit should not only satisfy your compliance and regulatory requirements, but also be a vital, informative and value adding experience for you. Hence our motto, “We see more than numbers” To this end we design our audit testing to address the concerns of shareholders and directors, as well as regulatory matters. We also see the audit function as an opportunity to evaluate possible improvements in the Management and Financial functions of entities. All audits are carried out with the emphasis on quality, integrity and objectivity.
After Planning, our implementation of audits involves:

  • Development and execution of an audit program;
  • Collection and documentation of sufficient, relevant and reliable evidence,
  • Use of quantitative and qualitative analysis in the audit process;
  • Development of discussion points;
  • Confirmation of audit findings at an exit meeting;
  • Formulation of audit findings, conclusions and recommendations;

Corporate Governance Advisory And Internal Audit Services

We provide Corporate Government assessments and advisory services to ensure compliance with the National
Code on Corporate Governance of Zimbabwe and the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development
(OECD) Guidelines on Corporate Governance.


We provide internal audit services of the highest quality to suit the needs of our clients.
Businesses benefit from experienced, independent professional evaluations of the quality and effectiveness of their risk management, governance and control arrangements.

We work with businesses to identify areas for improvement and explore ways to meet their objectives. We can provide full outsourced internal audit services or working in partnership with inhouse internal audit teams,  depending on client requirements.

Our approach is based on a standard methodology that embraces the key elements of the Risk Management Standards (ISO 31000) and fully complies with the International Professional Practice Framework (IPPF) issued by the Global Institute of Internal Auditors.
Core to the risk-based audit methodology is an understanding of the risk profile of organizations and assessing where internal audit work can add most value.

Focus areas:

  • We focus internal audit resources in areas critical to the success of the client
  • We meet all professional standards and requirements
  • We provide clients with assurances that their key controls and systems are in place and
  • working effectively.
  • We provide dedicated internal audit services without the day to day managerial functions and
  • obligations
  • We monitor key areas of the client’s organization
  • We provide clear opinions linked back to the risk profile


Our services include:
  • Fully outsourced internal audit services
  • Partnering with in-house teams
  • Helping establish an internal audit function
  • Internal audit quality assessments accredited by the IIA
  • Audit committee training

Accounting Services

These include writing up Financial Records and producing Financial Statements for clients and supervising all current accounting work.
It is our responsibility to maintain proper accounting records, and preparing Financial Statements which give a fair view of the organisation’s financial position.


We consider and if necessary report on the maintenance of accounting systems and whether we have received all the information and explanations we think necessary in the preparation of financial statements. We also have a professional duty to report if the financial statements do not conform to the accounting standards where internal bookkeepers or accountants are engaged by the organisation concerned.

Management Consulting Services

We assist our clients in strategy formulation and advice on development directions that underpin success or growth of small and large organizations. We review current systems and recommend improvement as would be necessary to ensure good financial and management controls.


By engaging us you will benefit from the following:

  • Objectivity we offer an independent, impartial, fresh viewpoint free of personal interest, pre-conceptions or existing traditions and loyalties.
  • Broad Experience because we work with a wide variety of clients and frequently give advice on issues relating to board responsibilities.
  • Analytical Skill we are trained in a range of analytical skills and know how to focus on the main problem areas and define the requirements for solution and benefits to be gained.
  • Full-time Attention we can devote full-time attention to the assignment free of the executive responsibilities of client managers.

Enterprise-wide Risk Management Consultancy

We provide specialist enterprise risk management (ERM) consulting and advisory services that identify risks proactively.
In an ever-changing commercial environment, organizations face an increasing number of uncertainties and challenges to decision making processes. These can significantly challenge even the well managed  organizations, jeopardizing their ability to achieve set objectives through losses or lost opportunities. Because of this, organizations are now giving much greater priority to identifying key risks and managing these risks on an on-going basis.


We assist in the establishment of a dynamic ERM framework that fits each business’s needs which is critical to ensuring an organization’s success/survival. We assess the operating environment and design a framework that integrates with existing business and management processes.

As part of our framework, the organization’s risk appetite and maturity will be determined and supported by clearly defined risk management policies and procedures that will safeguard service quality, finances, resources and reputation.

We can identify mentoring, coaching and training needs that will suit the specific requirements of an organization to ensure “buy-in” to an organization’s specific risk management approach.

Risk identification and evaluation
Organizations are increasingly being expected to demonstrate that they have effectively identified, assessed and evaluated the risks they are exposed to, and have put in place appropriate mitigation measures to try to prevent the ‘worst case’ scenarios becoming a reality.

We can provide tailored expert advice to help organizations identify and mitigate these risks.

Fraud And Forensic Investigation

Occupational fraud and abuse are growing risks for all organizations and require experts who can help to minimize exposure. If not properly managed, the risks can have serious consequences in terms of financial loss, business performance, staff morale, negative publicity or regulatory infringement.


The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that enterprises lose at least 5% of their turnover to occupational fraud and abuse annually. The risks increase in times of economic hardships, where there are weak controls, and where fraud can be rationalized.

We take an integrated approach to fraud risk management, designed to help prevent, detect and/or investigate fraud. We use our forensic expertise together with our accounting, auditing and investigation skills to deliver a clear independent opinion.

Focus areas

Fraud prevention services:

• We identify areas of internal and external fraud exposure through risk assessment
• We report internal control gaps that allow fraud incidents to go undetected
• We assist in developing fraud awareness and prevention systems to reduce client exposures.

Fraud detection services:

• We perform in depth investigations, including evidence collection.
• We provide guidance and oversight of the documentation, evidence gathering and interview phases to ensure legal and best practice compliance
• Where required and practical, we quantify and summarize the financial losses incurred
• Where required and practical, we trace the proceeds of fraud
• We report on findings

Procurement Probity, Assurance And Advisory

We understand that the circumstances and requirements of each procurement process are unique. Our services are tailored to each individual process and are applied with common sense and flexibility. Procurement is one area that has high risk of fraud and occupational abuse. Probity becomes essential in any procurement process.


We have the expertise to provide objective and independent probity assurance and advisory services. Our competences in this area enable us to understand the risks that may jeopardize the integrity and compliance of a procurement process and enable us to provide timely, objective and commercially practical advice.

Focus areas:

  • Comprehensive involvement before, during and after the course of a procurement process, through to the provision of advice sought on specific issues.
  • Ensuring the process is compliant with the prescribed procurement requirements and Improving the process and outcome.
  • Having reviewed the procurement tender and associated evaluation documents for compliance with requirements, we monitor the progress of the procurement, which enables us to identify issues and provide timely, independent advice.
  • Our procurement audit services verify and provide assurance to the project teams and governance bodies that the process undertaken was consistent with the published tender documents, and that it complied with the terms of the prescribed process, rules and guidelines.
  • Audit activity which is generally undertaken after the process has been completed, while probity assurance can be provided at any logical stage. Probity affords an opportunity to introduce process improvements in subsequent activities of implementation.

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